Recruit Intelligently. Increase Enrollment.

Discover how LeadOn helps colleges and universities generate insightful data, nurture prospective students, communicate institutional identity, and fine-tune the admissions process.

Maximize the ROI of Recruitment Efforts

We know this is your job, even as traditional marketing techniques deliver less and less value. So what options do you have?

Build Your Own Mailing Lists

Stop purchasing expensive, generic lists from student search firms. LeadOn helps your admissions office build its own organic, targeted lists filled with actionable intelligence.

No More Direct Mail or Mass Media

Trade expensive, untrackable direct mail and mass media campaigns for online engagement data. LeadOn saves you money and generates up-to-date insights about prospective students.

Seize Control

Trade shots in the dark for data-driven nurturing campaigns. Use LeadOn to transform passive, one-way mailings and ads into active, two-way conversations.

Demonstrate Success

Decrease your student acquisition costs. LeadOn gives your admissions office the power to calculate reliable ROI figures and increase enrollment.

Hypertarget Prospective Students

Want to find under-represented students or out-of-state students? Looking to reach students located nearby? LeadOn can help you target whatever population segment you have in mind.

Rapid Integration

LeadOn helps enhance your existing CRM and marketing automation solution. There’s no need to switch systems. Plug LeadOn into your marketing stack, and watch the data flow.

Campus Heroes

We built LeadOn to help admissions professionals reach their goals faster, decrease wasteful spending, and demonstrate their success more easily and more accurately.


“How has LeadOn helped your school’s admissions department?”

I was thrilled with the solution and the quick turnaround on the agency services. After we started our digital admissions campaign, the team worked with my office to fine-tune our strategy and improve the campaign’s results.

Lisa MeckleyDivision Communications Manager
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Empowering. Intelligent. Cost Effective.

No more expensive lists, direct mail campaigns, or mass media efforts. No more data blindness. Target and nurture prospective students quickly, intelligently, and inexpensively.

Boost Enrollment

Augmenting or replacing your search firm mailing lists, direct mail campaigns, and mass media efforts with LeadOn can help your admissions department admit more qualified students.

LeadOn routinely delivers response rates that are more than double those of traditional admissions marketing efforts.


Maximize ROI

LeadOn can help you recruit more students less expensively. Improve the ROI of your admissions department’s recruitment efforts by spending smartly, nurturing only engaged prospective students, and using data to reach more students in more ways.

Eliminate the high cost of postage, bad addresses, returns, and the cost of printing and designing expensive mailers.


Explore the ways LeadOn can help your admissions department recruit intelligently.

Generate actionable insights into prospective students.

Collect the following information about prospective students:

intended major
extracurricular interests
name and email address
starting term, class standing, and student type
IP address and network information
IP-based location information
social media information

LeadOn Works With Your CRM and Marketing Automation Solution

As a data analytics and contact generation tool, LeadOn helps enhance your existing CRM and marketing automation solution. There’s no need to switch systems. Our API integrations make it easy to push data from LeadOn to iModules,® Blackbaud,® Ellucian CRM,® Salesforce,® HubSpot,® and other popular solutions.

CSV Export

Don’t have a CRM or marketing automation solution? Want to use your data as a mailing list? Rapidly export all your LeadOn data as a CSV file. Import to your preferred email marketing tool or open with a spreadsheet program such as Google Sheets® or Excel.®


Choose the plan that suits your admissions department best.

$500/mo +

Self Service

  • Application Launch
  • General Support
  • Self-Service Data Management
  • Self-Service Data Analytics Reporting
  • Self-Service Campaign Planning, Execution, and Reporting
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$1000/mo +

Agency Lite

  • Application Launch
  • Enhanced Support
  • Self-Service Data Management
  • Monthly Data Analytics Reporting
  • Self-Service Campaign Planning, Execution, and Reporting
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Custom +

Full Service

  • Application Launch
  • Dedicated Support
  • Full-Service Data Management
  • Bi-Monthly Data Analytics Reporting
  • Full-Service Campaign Planning, Execution, and Reporting
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Every day, we help customers generate and interpret data, nurture prospects, and streamline the higher-education admissions process.

Wayne Miller

CEO & Account Lead with thirty-years of experience helping customers boost ROI and reach their marketing goals.

Quimby Melton

CPO, CMO & Reporting Lead with a background in academia, technology development, customer acquisition, and data analytics.